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Against violence
Jesse Richman, 1/11/2021

Last week I signed an open letter from political scientists calling for the immediate removal of President Trump from office. 

I did so in direct response to the riot by Trump supporters at the U.S. Capitol.  This is a shocking and utterly unprecidented event.  It must be responded to in the most severe way.  The effort (successful for several hours but ultimately repulsed) to disrupt the orderly operations of the US Congress is a direct attack on the fundamentals of American democracy.  Trump no longer deserves to be president because he directly encouraged this violence, and was very slow to say anything even tepidly critical of it.  If Senator Sasse is right, Trump in fact was jubilant about the events at the Capitol In any event he clearly reacted slowly and badly.  Telling rioters who have been breaking down doors in the US Capitol on live television "we love you" after telling them to go there is utterly beyond the pale.

I defended Trump when he was impeached the last time.  I believe that Trump is right about some key issues, including the need to balance trade.  This is not about policy.  It's about American democracy.... 


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