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Hold Mexico Responsible for the Invasion of Illegal Immigrants from Central America
Raymond Richman, 7/11/2014

We saw a few months ago how Mexico stopped an American Marine who had arrived at a Mexican entry point as a result of a driver’s mistake and kept him in jail for alleged illegal transportation of personal weapons he had in his vehicle. We have now witnessed Mexico allowing thousands of children and teenagers to enter Mexico illegally from Central America without visas or even documents of personal identification. In addition,  Mexico provided them with transportation and sustenance from their point of entry in Mexico to the U.S. border, a distance of several hundred miles, by bus and by train. This required the cooperation and approval of the Mexican government and in our opinion is a hostile act, making it complicit in a conspiracy to violate U.S. immigration laws. Mexico must be held responsible for this invasion. We should demand that they indemnify the U.S. for all the expenses of repatriating those illegal immigrants and all the expenses of sustaining them while they are in U.S. custody.

For reasons we cannot fathom, none of the media have mentioned Mexico’s responsibility for the present influx of illegal immigrants and the millions of illegal immigrants of the past recent decades. It may be a deliberate effort by Mexico to effectively retake parts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California taken from it as a result of the U.S.-Mexican Wars. The U.S. has reacted passively to the influx of illegal immigrante, apparently fearful of offending Mexico. But it is time we insisted that Mexico behave as a friendly neighbor. These are unfriendly acts.

 What should we do?

 1. Insist that Mexico bear all the costs of sustaining the costs of arresting, detaining, and deporting all the recent immigrants from Central America and Mexico

2. Congress should nullify all existing laws which give rights to illegal immigrants.

3. Illegal immigrants should be requested to return to their native lands and, if they remain, informed that they will enjoy no rights of U.S. citizenship. If the states want to provide rights such as education and drivers’ licenses to these illegal immigrants, it is their right to do so but they should receive no financial assistance from the federal government.

4. We should start deporting the recent illegal immigrants and those illegals who were recently released from American prisons after having been convicted of crimes.

If this means that many millions of illegal immigrants will remain in the U.S. as illegal residents, without rights of citizenship. So be it. It is their choice, repatriate themselves, perhaps with some financial assistance, or remain as a more or less permanent underclass. It does not require amnesty or a path to citizenship.

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Comment by Niku, 7/28/2014:

I had to search for it, but at last I have found someone who shares my opinions/questions: Why hasn't Mexico's role in the Central American invasions been discussed? Why isn't it a scandal? What does it take?

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