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God's Providence at work: The Israeli COVID-19 vaccine
Howard Richman, 3/11/2020

Israeli scientists have developed an oral COVID-19 vaccine. The latest report is from, a website that reports Israeli innovation news:

While working on the avian [coronavirus] vaccine, the scientists [at the MIGAL Galilee Research Institute] said they identified a possible COVID-19 vaccine candidate as a by-product of the [avian] vaccine and have made the “required genetic adjustments to adapt the vaccine to COVID-19, the human strain of coronavirus.”...

“It’s a little bit like fate that we were working on this coronavirus vaccine at the same time that the world was suddenly hit by this epidemic of coronavirus for humans,” [Dr. Shahar of MIGAL] says.

The MIGAL vaccine was created by synthesizing two proteins. Unlike vaccines that are created by injecting a dead or weakened disease-causing viruses, there is very little danger of the MIGAL vaccine giving patients a disease.

The main danger with synthetic vaccines is that they will only work in the test tube, not in-vivo. But the researchers at MIGAL have already proven in clinical trials that the avian version of their vaccine works in live chickens.

Most vaccines create antibodies in the bloodstream – not this one! This one creates antibodies in the mucosal immune system which consists of thin permeable barriers to infection in the lungs, gut, eyes, nose, throat, uterus and vagina. The website quotes Dr. Chen Katz, MIGAL’s biotechnology group leader saying:

[T]he protection [provided by the vaccine] is in the mucosal tissues which affect the respiratory and intestinal systems. And we know that this is how COVID-19 works, by affecting these systems.

So far, the American media and the U.S. health bureaucracy have totally ignored the MIGAL vaccine. On March 10, there were no U.S. media hits in the first 10 pages of a Google search for the three words: (1) MIGAL, (2) coronavirus and (3) vaccine. The third hit down on Google’s list from correctly claimed that, as of February, the Israelis had not yet adapted their vaccine to COVID-19. According to, that is no longer true.

The U.S. government’s health bureaucracy has been fumbling the ball on the COVID-19 virus. The first infection detection kits that they sent out didn’t work. Their original guidelines for who should be tested left people out who were contagious. As a result, the virus escaped from quarantine. The virus could still possibly be contained without the help of a vaccine, but probably not.

Meanwhile, NIAID coordinator Anthony Fauci has been telling everyone who will listen, “It will take at least a year to a year and a half to have a vaccine we can use.” Has he been announcing that the U.S. health bureaucracy plans to slow-walk a successful vaccine until after the November election?

So far, they have only given the go-ahead for safety-testing a single COVID-19 vaccine, the Messenger RNA vaccine developed by U.S.-based Moderna Therapeutics which, unlike the MIGAL vaccine, has not yet proven itself in-vivo. The Times of Israel had an update on MIGAL’s vaccine on March 11:

Chen Katz [of  MIGAL] told The Times of Israel that the new oral vaccine for adults and children could “turn this disease into a very mild cold.” He said that for many people who are inoculated and then infected by COVID-19, “potentially it will not affect them at all.”…

The vaccine will consist of a specially produced protein, and Katz said he expects to be clutching a bottle of it within “a few weeks.” But then comes clinical testing, which will take place in conjunction with a partner, and the paperwork, both of which will take time.

Katz, Biotechnology Group Leader at the institute, said: “By the time the protein is ready, we hope to have found the right partner who can take us through the clinical stage. The clinical testing experiments themselves are not so long, and we can complete them in 30 days, plus another 30 days for human trials. Most of the time is bureaucracy — regulation and paperwork.”

Time could also be lost because of “waiting points” between the different stages of the process, until regulators give the nod for things to move forward.

The MIGAL vaccine should be quickly put through trials. The Trump administration needs to intervene to eliminate all paperwork delays. The U.S. government’s health bureaucracy should not be permitted to slow-walk God’s providence until after the November election. MIGAL’s COVID-19 vaccine should be made available to the public as soon as possible!

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Comment by Howard Richman, 3/13/2020:

The Israeli government is moving forward to test the vaccine on humans. It could be proven in as little as three months. Here's the link:

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